A Natural Resource

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Each time Elizabeth comes home to her place buried in the woods, she is often amazed at the changing scenes that greet her. Although she rarely has time to enjoy her surroundings tucked back in the trees, she relishes the rare moments at home when she can enjoy the different colors of the seasons and wildlife that pass through her property. Elizabeth had always hoped that someday she would be able to live where she could capture the seclusion and greenery she loved most about growing up in the Redwoods of Northern California.

In the Winter, she enjoys waking up to a fresh blanket of snow so heavy that branches reach for the ground or catching a red fox scurry behind the shed. Come Spring, she likes watching a mother deer with her new twins kicking around in the backyard or finding crocus & daffodils pushing up through the mulch. In the Fall, she loves the sound of crunching leaves on the gravel driveway and the smell of burning brush from the neighbors’ yards. Her woodland retreat is just the place for Elizabeth to recharge her batteries when she gets a chance.

A Focused Approach

Wanting to bring more of a business perspective to real estate, Elizabeth invested four years getting her MBA and elected three international trips for an emphasis in international marketing. She demonstrates the same determination and commitment in her research to locate the right home and analysis to determine a home’s value.  She provides her clients with loads of information to help them make a “Smart Buy”.  Her years in advertising and marketing have helped identify a home’s best features, recognize & highlight additional potential, then showcase the home in the best light to attract the most likely buyer. No matter the economy, she invests time and money to ensure a property looks its best inside and out and gives the best exposure.

Taking Care of Business

True to her nature, Elizabeth’s first order of business is to give her real estate clients peace-of-mind. Just as she has found her dream setting, she works tirelessly to help her clients find theirs. Having moved 12 times to six different states with two children, she knows the concerns and stresses associated with uprooting family and is committed to making the process as seamless as possible. Helping clients navigate the real estate process, she hopes to be a calming influence and personally handles the many details through to closing.

A Natural Resource

Long after the purchase or sale, Elizabeth continues to be a resource to her buyers & sellers. Whether considering appealing their property taxes, mulling over a major kitchen renovation or wondering if it is a good time to trade up, she is available to provide current information on home values, help prioritize home improvement projects for the best return, or offer recommendations for local home improvement contractors. She hopes to be your complete real estate resource.

Whether you are relocating in or out of state for work, retiring, divorcing or encountering a housing needs change within Lake County, Elizabeth is at your side. From tailored marketing to firm negotiating skills, consider this professional your personal consultant. When the time comes to make a move, you want a real estate agent who will give you the assurance you need and the results you expect.

Elizabeth Bryant is A Natural Resource. Call Elizabeth today.   847-814-7895