Buying a Home

For over 25 years, I have helped corporate transferees buy and sell homes as they are moved in and out of Lake County, along the North Shore, with major employers like Abbott Labs & AbbVie. I know first-hand the stresses, challenges and questions families face when considering relocation as I have moved several times with my family and have lived in different states.

Lake County has been a great move for my family with strong schools, adorable downtowns, breathtaking bike trails along the Des Plaines River or Forest Preserves and a healthy real estate market because of the stable employment provided by the diverse corporations that have moved north of Chicago.

Though I have lived in California, D.C., Oklahoma, Texas and Arizona, I had not experienced the true four seasons nor lived in an area with such charming, historic downtowns like Grayslake, Libertyville, Lake Bluff, Lake Forest & Long Grove. It is so nice to live where there are neighborhood schools and community functions where people can actually get to know one another. (If that is what you want.)


And what about those commuter trains that can zip you right into one of the coolest cities in the states (Yes, Chicago!) where you can shop until you drop, dine on the best hot dogs, pizza and ethnic food, attend any sporting event, and get your cultural fix of comedy, theatre, music, art and science? Are we lucky, or what?

Yes, it can be cold here in the winter, so we throw on a jacket and gloves and get outside. You have got to check out the bike trails. Lake County is unique in their quest to buy property so that it will not be developed and incorporate the land with existing forest preserve. It is so beautiful along the Des Plaines River.


So, I am a little biased about the area and eager to help you buy a home today that we can sell tomorrow if you get moved again. It is important to make a Smart Buy. My focus on resale has saved clients loads of time, money and aggravation. Ask me for references. I have helped some families in as many as five transactions as they moved out and back, then up or down to a new home.

We will tour the areas you are interested in, visit schools and preview homes that are the best match. We can set up several different searches in the MLS, plus I can share "pocket listings" or those on the Private Listing Network, not made public to the other websites and network with my fellow agents about new listings that are getting ready to come on the market.

Once under contract, I will help coordinate the home inspection, radon test and attorney review, plus any details that pop up through closing. I am happy to pass along suggestions to help get you settled like temporary housing or the best place to get a good haircut. I see potential in every home, so I can share suggestions for changes you can make to your new home to add to the enjoyment and subsequent resale of your home and offer resources for painting, appliances, carpeting or new wood floors.

I enjoy helping families find the right home, walk them through a stress-free closing, make improvements, then realize a smooth sale if and when that time comes. I know what I am doing and do it full time, even while completing my MBA. I will personally handle your transaction from start to finish.  You will have my 20 plus years of sales, marketing and negotiating expertise working for you. Call me today and we will get you started on your search. Cell 847-814-7895 or